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Travelers to meet new people while exploring new places. The joy and the opportunity to become acquainted with like-minded people is something every travel dreams of. Open-minded couples that love swinging might not be presented with such opportunities (meeting like-minded couples) while on vacation if they don’t do their research before embarking on a trip. To help swinger couples have wonderful vacations, we’ve listed some of the most erotic hotels that swingers will love. We’re talking swinger-friendly favorites that are open to having swinger couples interact with like-minds sharing the same craving.

  1. La Mirage Swingers Complex – Spain:

There’s nothing that differentiates La Mirage from the typical hotel in Gran Canaria – from the outside, that is. You get an outdoor pool, a mini-mart, hot tubs, bar, and restaurant. However, things get a little spicier when you take a closer look. Sex swing, mirrored ceiling adorn one of the two playrooms in the cinema. It’s a clothing-optional hotel for adults only. The hotel is just 5-minutes drive to a nudist beach and about 10-minutes cab ride to Fun4all Swingers Club.

  1. Vera Playa Club Hotel – Spain:

Having direct access to a nude beach and being ‘the first naturalist resort in Spain’, you can expect a lot of swinger action here in Vera Playa Club Hotel. Open-minded couples would appreciate the proximity of popular swinger-friendly clubs – Enigma and Templum which are just outside the hotel. You can expect to see swingers aged between the 40s and 50s at Vera Playa.

  1. Desire Riviera Maya Resort – Mexico:

At sundown, the Desire Riviera Maya Resort takes an interesting turn making it a choice location for adults and swingers looking for a lot of fun. There’s a clothing-optional Y Night Club where sex is allowed as well as other common areas of the Desire Riviera hotel. Located in Riviera Maya – Mexico, Desire is one place swingers looking for a secluded resort in the Caribbean would love.